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Published by Marshall Johnson
Business Marketing Media Apr 2018      
Geo-targeting County-specific Website Traffic
Geo-targeting your website is a no brainer. (Here's one way to make it work!)

If you’re a business owner, you know there could be hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people in your county who may be interested in your products or services. In this article, you’ll learn how to use a County-specific Domain to gain audience, giving you and your business a presence and profile in your county in a relatively easy and inexpensive manner.

Build content for a new website or post a redirect link for instant results

Although it is feasible to build content around a new website, I want to say the best solution for generating more sales is by posting a redirect to your current website to produce immediate results. The domain provides instant recognition; is easy to remember; and uses the great .com extension. Example: Put in your browser and see how it works. Visitors to the domain name are being redirected to where Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox&Roach Realtors in West Chester is geotargeting traffic in Chester County PA. It's huge!

Geo-targeting county-specific website traffic gives you the unique opportunity to iterate your site plan. It's better to target a more county-specific audience as it provides less competition from out-of-county sources. A County-specific domain achieves that goal.

Politicians will benefit greatly from using their County-specific domain

Even politicians can benefit greatly by using a County-specific domain to reach and influence voters. The domain provides instant recognition for the #1 type of local government- County; is easy to remember, and uses the great .com extension. Owning it can be a huge benefit to your political campaign!

If your goal is clear and you know your target customer base is from within your county, a county-specific domain is your best bet. Owning one can be a huge benefit to your business. The domain is easy to remember; provides instant local recognition; and if available, many times, it can have the great .com extension.

Marshall Johnson

Marshall Johnson is a Partner at Business Marketing Media located in Brooklyn, New York.  He wears many hats, but his primary focus is on working with clients to develop predictable online business growth strategies. He has published numerous articles on the connection between geo-targeting County-specific website traffic and overall business growth. Read the previous published articles in this series:

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