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Published by Marshall Johnson
Business Marketing Media Jul 2018      
Top 3 Benefits of Using a County-specific Domain
Using a County-specific Domain to build audience countywide

By Marshall Johnson | Business Marketing Media

If you’re an entrepreneur with an online business, you know there could be hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people in your county who may be interested in your products or services. In this article, you’ll learn the top three benefits to effectively using a County-specific Domain, giving you and your business a presence and profile in your county in a relatively easy and inexpensive manner.

Benefit #1: County-specific domains offer Local Targeting Benefits

County-specific domains allow you to target traffic from specific areas of the county in which you do business. So, let’s say you want to target visitors from Philadelphia County PA to your local restaurant's website; you may want to consider choosing as your domain. This ensures that you’re showing up in the search results of those living in Philadelphia County PA, rather than Adams, Armstrong, Washington or any other county.

This means that if someone in Philadelphia County PA does a search for restaurants Philadelphia County PA, your Philadelphia County PA-based restaurant's website will appear higher in the search rankings than a generic website if you didn’t have the search words Philadelphia County PA in your address. This tried & true success is best achieved simply by placing a redirect link to your current website on the County-specific domain. It's that easy!

Benefit #2: County-specific Domains instill Buyer Confidence

County-specific domains are good for credibility and they give visitors to your website more confidence. Since they consider the website to be local, visitors may feel that it’s easier to make purchases, especially if they see that the address is somewhere that they recognize rather than an out-of-state address. Also, many people prefer to complete transactions and visit sites in their own county thus contributing to the economy.

Benefit #3: County-specific domains allow you to bring out your creativity

A neat trick that some companies have been using to build a strong connection between their domain name and the county name is by using what’s known as a redirect. This is when a google search is formed using both your business speciality name and the county name together. For example, googling "restaurants Philadelphia County PA" produces Philadelphia County PA restaurants in the search results; "movies theaters Armstrong County PA" produces Armstrong County PA movie theaters in the search results, and "homes for sale in Adams County PA" produces homes for sale in Adams County PA. There really are no limits to the variety of businesses that can benefit from County-specific Domains, making it easy for your website to come up due to your own creative use of a redirect on the county-specific domain.

Marshall Johnson

Marshall Johnson is a Partner at Business Marketing Media located in Brooklyn, New York.  He wears many hats, but his primary focus is on working with clients to develop predictable online business growth strategies. He has published numerous articles on the connection between geo-targeting County-specific website traffic and overall business growth. Read the previous published articles in this series:

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