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Published by Marshall Johnson
Business Marketing Media Nov 2018      
Geo-targeting Counties Opens Doors of Opportunity
It's no secret geo-targeting counties has opened many doors for small business owners

If you’re a business owner, you know there could be hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people in your county who may be interested in your products or services. In this article, you’ll learn how to use a County-specific Domain, to open many doors of opportunity, giving you and your business a presence and profile in your county in a relatively easy and inexpensive manner.

Geo-targeting Counties Opens Many Doors

It's no secret that geo-targeting counties has opened many doors for small business owners. Geo-targeting counties helps focus on a specific market, resulting in more relevant messaging and a better return on investment. Geotargeting is a way for you to specify the location you want your website to show.

Choose the county in which you do business will serve the purpose of broadening your company profile based on geographic location. This is often used in advertising to broaden your target audience.

County-specific Geo-targeting Works in Google Searches

County-specific targeting is a more specific type of geo-targeting, and is used when you want to target consumers in a very specific, precise location__County! Using a County-specific Domain, small business owners can set up a geographic area around a business location and increase your audience potential making it higher when consumers enter your product or service along with the county and state identifier in a Google Search.

For instance, perhaps you own a restaurant in San Francisco CA and you are using the County-specific Domain as a redirect site to your current website. When a consumer is searching "restaurant in San Francisco CA" with the geographic area of your business, your restaurant will appear in the Google search results.

Ultimately, county-specific targeting can be particularly useful if you want to increase foot traffic to your physical location, or if you sell a product or service that is often bought on-the-go.

Geo-targeting countywide population

For geo-targeting counties to be successful, you have to target the right area with the right content at the right time. The easiest way to ensure you're not wasting resources is to use the county-specific location in which you are doing business. For instance, if you're based in Miami-Dade County FL, and are only getting customers from a limited radius of your business, then you'd want to expand your online presence to show consumers that you are closely connected to all of Miami-Dade County FL. Using the County-specific Domain will achieve that goal.

Although it is feasible to build content around a new website, I want to say the best solution for generating more sales is by posting a redirect to your current website to produce immediate results.

Politicians Can Reap the Benefits of owning a County-specific Domain

Even politicians can benefit greatly by using a County-specific Domain to reach and influence voters. The domain provides instant recognition for the #1 type of local government- County; is easy to remember, and uses the great .com extension. Owning it can be a huge benefit to your political campaign!

Marshall Johnson

Marshall Johnson is a Partner at Business Marketing Media located in Brooklyn, New York.  He wears many hats, but his primary focus is on working with clients to develop predictable online business growth strategies. He has published numerous articles on the connection between geo-targeting County-specific website traffic and overall business growth. Read the previous published articles in this series:

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