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Published by Marshall Johnson
Business Marketing Media Oct 2018      
How to Geo-target Population in a Specific County
Geo-targeting your countywide population is one of the best ways to build audience

If you’re a business owner, you know there could be hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people in your county who may be interested in your products or services. In this article, you’ll learn how to use a County-specific Domain, to geo-target countywide population, giving you and your business a presence and profile in your county in a relatively easy and inexpensive manner.

Geotargeting population by using a County-specific Domain

County-specific Domain is a county name as reference when geo-targeting a website to a specific county. There are benefits to geotargeting a County-specific Domain. Many people trust and feel at ease with a website that is targeted at a specific county, particularly with a most popular .com domain that is specific to their county. County-specific Domains also allow a business to piece together their audience by county.

Even politicians can benefit greatly by using a County-specific domain to reach and influence voters. How? Start by acquiring your county domain to increase website traffic throughout the county. The domain provides instant recognition for the #1 type of local government- County; is easy to remember, and uses the great .com extension. Owning it can be a huge benefit to your political campaign.

The great .com extension on a County-specific Domain

A County-specific Domain that uses the great .com extension, commonly known as targeted domain, is the most popular Domain name specific to a county. It’s different from the more common generic domains that consist of, .net .info and .org, plus others, that can be used in any domain because of the popularity of the .com extension.

Suppose I want to launch a site in Napa County CA? The person asking the question wanted to market his business in a specific county. He used Napa County CA as an example county in his question. Thus is specific to the county.

Source code keyword requirement for a County-specific Domain

Source code requirements for keywords when building a new website on a County-specific Domain must show the product or service your business provides, county name, and two-letter state abbreviation. You’ve seen it a ton of times. Keywords targeting a specific county. “Plumber in Philadephia PA.” “Flower shop in Dixie County FL.” “Best pizza in Monterey CA.” If you choose keywords that target your products or services, county name and two-letter state abbreviation, that will help the chance of your website appearing in the top search results. It's works for my clients and it will work for you!

Marshall Johnson

Marshall Johnson is a Partner at Business Marketing Media located in Brooklyn, New York.  He wears many hats, but his primary focus is on working with clients to develop predictable online business growth strategies. He has published numerous articles on the connection between geo-targeting County-specific website traffic and overall business growth. Read the previous published articles in this series:

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